Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Just a matter of two weeks ago, we were beginning to wonder when Marley would get to grips with solid food. Most of the other babies from our NCT group seemed to have all mastered the art - which always makes you feel more rushed - while Marley was still fussing over even the hint of a bottle or spoon near his face.

Well, I can report that when I walked in to his bedroom yesterday morning, I was met with a smell confirming we need not worry. 

A day prior - I later discovered - he had wolfed down almost an entire pot of yogurt, a new personal record. He'd also got stuck in to a few cut-up slices of toast, some mushed-up poached pears and a full rusk.

But it was definitely the yogurt providing the chief contribution to the smell emanating from his room in the morning when I went in. 

My first real experience of a solid food nappy. Not one I will forget in a hurry. I won't go in to detail, I'll just leave it at #yogurtnappy and you can use your imagination for the rest.

So yes - he is eating solid food now. And he has also succumbed to the bottle (who hasn't!) Several ounces at a time of formula milk, and he rarely even complains about it anymore. 

In theory, this should mean Mummy can go out and party and leave Marley with Daddy, but this theory has yet to be properly tested. I'm not that worried about it - but then again maybe you need to ask me about it after a night where Marley has no access to Mummy and her milky assets for a few hours. We'll see....

Oh, and in addition to his new diet, Marley has also succeeded in passing two more milestones. 

1) He is sitting up unassisted (although there is still every chance of him rolling off the sofa, so i'm not ticking that one off completely just yet)

2) He is just about saying words. Does "babababa" count? I think so. You decide....

And although he's not quite ready for crawling yet, I feel that may well be the next hurdle he leaps over. We'll be baby-proofing the house over the coming weeks in preparation. 

In the meantime, I think i'm going to open his bedroom window to get a bit more air in there.....

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