Monday, 7 August 2017

A unique night out

We had a very different kind of night out on Saturday. 

And it was unique for two reasons. 

Firstly, we decided we would leave Marley in the hands of a babysitter, something we'd never ever done before.

And secondly, because we went to see a very unique type of entertainment called Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner

It's a fairly self-explanatory concept, but just in case you didn't get it, this is a show in which a (former) naked house cleaner tells stories about the kind of things he got up to while on the job. 

It was described to us beforehand as "a brand new idea in interactive concept comedy" in which the host Ethan Mechare explores ideas around sexual fantasy, voyeurism....and housework.

Yeah, you can see why it might have been a bit weird taking Marley along... 

The show itself actually took place in our friend Tom's apartment, so we knew most of the audience members - although there were two random guys there who had bought tickets for it too. 

There is no need for a spoiler alert, I'm not going to ruin the show for you - but even if you've NEVER sat and wondered what a naked cleaner might get up to, you should go see it for yourself anyway. It was hilarious, and full of surprises. 

Just don't take your baby. Or your Mum. 

Oh, and after the show, when we got home around 10:30pm Marley was fast asleep and he went on to sleep right through the night. Good effort from the babysitter!

Maybe we should go out and watch naked cleaner shows more often.

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